Farm Partners

Farm Partners

Since starting our retail wool business about 10 years ago we have slowly built and worked our way to using all the wool the sheep grow at Circle R Livestock Ltd. We are thrilled to now be working with other Ontario sheep farmers to use their wool too. One of our goals it to keep providing a consistent quality product so our partners needed to have a similar breed of sheep, animal care goals and clean wool. We ensure fleece is skirted, sorted and stored properly. We are also able to help these farmers by utilizing their wool and paying them for their product. It’s a win win for everyone!

Like all Canadian farmers we at Circle R Livestock Ltd. and our farm partners take caring for our animals and land seriously. Animal welfare, soil health and environmental sustainability are all key pillars in managing our family farms.

Meet our Farm Partners

Mike and Amber Swidersky at Riverview Ranch care for a flock or Dorset sheep near Shelburne Ontario. Mike shepherds his sheep outdoors year-round with the help of his working Collie dogs and livestock guardian dogs. They are also in a unique position to pasture their sheep along side beef cattle in the summer helping with parasite and grass management. Their location is ideal for having sheep outdoors year-round with lots of sheltered areas and forest. The ewes lamb in the springtime and finished market lambs are sold locally through auction in the fall for local butcher shops.

Matthew and Elizabeth are the shepherds at Waupoos Island Sheep. Located on Prince Edward County their family and sheep enjoy island life. The sheep even take boat rides to their summer pasture grounds. Their hearty Dorset cross sheep graze year-round on their permanent pastures and meat lambs are grass finished. 

Asphodel Sheep Co. is operated by Todd and Jennifer Payne in Norwood Ontario. Their large flock of commercial prolific ewes is raised to produce breeding stock for other farmers and high quality meat lambs for local processors. The family focuses on sheep genetics, pasture and sheep forage management and building a successful family farm business. Intensive and intentional pasture and forage management allows for the highest production from healthy and happy sheep.