Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to do without. Not only is it nice to have the comforts of home while you’re away, but it’s also crucial for your sleep. Some travelers may be hesitant to pack a pillow and take up valuable space in their suitcase, while others are more than willing to sacrifice space for sleep. Whichever end you are on, here are three reasons why you SHOULD take your pillow on vacation with you: 


1. Sensitivities

Whether you are sensitive to laundry detergents, chemical cleaners, or have allergies, you can sleep peacefully knowing that none of those will be a problem with your own pillows. Unlike our wool pillows that actually resist dust mites and allergens, hotel pillows that are down-filled or synthetic may aggravate allergies. That’s not something you want (or need) to deal with on vacation.



2. Cleanliness

When you depend on using the pillows provided by the hotel or resort, you are trusting that the cleaners or hosts have taken the proper steps to clean and sanitize the sleeping quarters. While most travel resorts and hotels are required to wash their sheets and pillowcases between guests, the rules are a bit vague regarding the actual pillows' cleanliness. If you are a germ-conscious traveler, you probably want to ditch sleeping on a “who-knows-what” filled pillow and stick to your own.



3. Comfort

Being on vacation can be stressful enough, especially when it comes to sleep. Some people have spent weeks or months breaking in their pillow to be the perfect fit for them and they notice a huge difference when they use something else, especially those who deal with pain or discomfort. Our wool pillows not only wick away moisture, but they are also temperature regulating – meaning you’ll be sleeping comfortably all night. When you have your own pillow, you know that a lack of comfort won’t be the cause of your restless nights.



Hotels and resorts depend on creating an experience that customers want to return to, including essential aspects like cleanliness and comfort. But it doesn’t mean they are spending money to invest in comfortable, allergy-friendly pillows. When you bring your pillow on vacation, you can rest easy knowing it meets all your needs and will provide you with a home-like sleep. Any sleep-related issues won’t be due to the pillow provided because you’ll have your Canadian-made Revolution Wool Company pillow with you to help rid you of sleepless nights. We also offer a travel size pillow ideal for any trip that takes up less room but still overs the maximum comfort and wool benefits.

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