Canadian wool is the perfect natural fibre to support people and planet in wellness. Wellness can mean so many things ... here are 3 main reasons using Canadian wool benefits you!


For Body and Mind

Wool offers numerous health benefits. It helps regulate body temperature when worn as clothing or used in bedding, ensuring comfort regardless of the season or weather conditions. This temperature control is essential for promoting restful sleep, which is crucial for overall well-being and has a direct impact on mental health. Additionally, wool possesses the remarkable ability to stimulate soothing and healing receptors in the skin. Many of our customers have shared how sleeping with wool has relieved muscle soreness and arthritis discomfort.

For Community

Utilizing wool products sourced and processed locally not only bolsters our farmers and communities but also upholds rich traditions of textile craftsmanship deeply rooted in our localities. By utilizing materials from our farmers and collaborating with skilled artisans and mills, we foster stronger community ties and connections. Moreover, opting for locally produced goods reduces transportation distances and fosters a deeper connection to our surrounding environment. It's particularly gratifying to be acquainted with the farmers and animals behind the wool you cherish!

For Environment

Wool is both renewable and biodegradable, as sheep continuously produce fleece from the forage they consume. Once sheared, wool follows its own lifecycle, serving various purposes as a product. Eventually, at the end of its lifespan, wool naturally decomposes, returning to the soil. This circular nature of wool production minimizes waste and pollution in the environment. Additionally, wool boasts exceptional durability, with a single garment or product lasting for generations, thus reducing consumption. Furthermore, utilizing wool clothing or bedding helps conserve water, as wool is naturally self-cleaning and odor-resistant, requiring less frequent washing. Simply allowing your wool items to hang in the fresh air and sunshine is often sufficient to refresh them.

To wrap it up, wool is a sustainability superstar! Its lifecycle is like a perfect circle, leaving minimal environmental impact. And those wool goodies last a lifetime, meaning less shopping and more passing down to loved ones. Plus, they're self-cleaning champs, saving water and hassle. Choosing wool isn't just about style—it's about caring for the planet and setting a green example for tomorrow.

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